retrosquare (retrosquare) wrote,

Feliz Año Nuevo!

We rang in the new year at Tia Luchas house surrounded by family. We ate, drank and were merry. At the stroke of midnight we ate our 12 grapes (I'm not sure why but we always do, something about them being round) and we shared our hopes for the new year. We all hoped for health unity and love. When it came around to my boo he invited everyone to the wedding in July, Jessie and Tito hope to celebrate next year with Tio Juan in tow. Brenda hoped for a healthy baby, Sandy hoped for a wee one and Chris thanked us for inviting him into the family. I reminded us to keep remembering our grandparents so that may keep living along with us. By the end of the toasting we were all in tears, the most memorable new years I've had thus far.

I received two beautiful thank yous from two bonified glz's. Rosa thanked me for being there for her when Martin became ill y Maria thanked my for making her feel the most welcome. They said that they were very comfortable around me. I definitely felt the love last night, not to mention a buzz. ;)

This morning I was awakened by a phone call from my boo, he was at the Farmers Branch PD detention center. D@ngit! There goes the warm fuzzy feeling! He was speeding, pulled over and arrested for unpaid traffic tickets. I left my keys in Jorje's car and he also had my ID and money. Thanks to my best friend Marisa who drove me there and around and back he was out by 1:30pm. Well at least the new year wee am. hours started out good. I hope that isn't the view of whats to come in 07.

I hope you accomplish all your resolutions this year, I wish you love, health and most of all happiness.
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