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WOW! I am freaking out, it's sheer excitement! I just found this and I want to do it now!

I found this via flickr and it then took me to lj and I immediately friended

I've just spent the past 1 1/2-2 hrs drooling at her tutorials on packing a speedy lunch for her and her baby, very fast and it looks oooohhhh soooo yummy! you would not believe how mouth watering it looks, I have to post one of her pictures maybe more! lets do more! get a towel or something to catch your drool the food looks SO good!

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1. Speedy potsticker lunch, 2. Broiled mushroom lunch, 3. Kimchi fried rice lunch, 4. Speedy green bean lunch

check it out, I guarantee you will be hooked!

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