retrosquare (retrosquare) wrote,

have you seen this brand anywhere? Please help!


"Le Petit Marseillais" That's the brand/logo of the soap. The one I'm looking for is (French)extra doux olive lavande. which I guess translates to olive oil & lavender.

I had this face soap in my bathroom for a while now and I was about to through it out when I decided to give it a try. I have moderate adult (AGH!) acne and it freaking worked a miracle on my face! It cleared up in like two weeks believe it or not! My face was the clearest it had been in a LONG time and I was getting compliments & questions of what I was using left & right. Anyway, I have absolutely NO idea how I came across this miracle soap and I can't find it anywhere! I've searched online and found that apparently it's like our USA Dial brand in France. And that is the only place I can find it other than some shady looking websites.

has anyone seen this at a local store? I checked out other face soaps similar to this one and none have worked (such as.. Kiss my face, some other French olive oil & lavender I found at Whole Foods) I have tried pro-active, and every other mass marketed junk and none has worked like this le petit marseillais.

I hope someone out there can help.

sorry in advance, cross-posted cause I'm desperate.
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