retrosquare (retrosquare) wrote,

HELP! stealing is wrong!

Make is a craft collective in Uptown- my friend Judy who runs a small business selling badass things she created was one of the victims. Read this carefully if you live in Dallas, and pass on the word if you don't mind.

Hey everyone-

Make ( in Uptown Dallas was burgularized this past weekend. The guilty made off with about $5000 in jewelry, artwork, handbags, clothing, and accessories made by local designers. Some of the designers include:
Jewelry AlaMode
Haute Hardware
Madeline Wood Designs
EnJu Design Group
Pink Panache
and others...

Please keep an eye out for someone trying to sell these products as their own on Etsy, Ebay, or Craigslist. Also be wary of anyone looking especially cool and covered with amazing, hand crafted accessories.

In addition about $3000 in supplies, sewing machines, and equipment were stolen hindering the classes taught at Make.

This is seriously awful for the designers- many of whom make their living off of selling their handcrafted wares.

Call 311 if you see anything suspicous- or contact Make.
Stay tuned for info on an upcoming benefit in March to help these designers make up for their lost merch. (Please contact Make at if you have any items to donate to this fundraiser)
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